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दारशील सफारी (Darsheel Safary Biography)

दारशील सफारी  (Darsheel Safary)
  • जन्मतिथि (DoB)

    09 Mar,1996
  • सक्रिय (Active Since)

  • जन्म का नाम (Birth Name)

    Darsheel Nandkishore Safary

About: Darsheel Safary

darsheel safary (born 9 march 1996) is an indian film actor working in hindi bollywood films. he is best known for his acclaimed portrayal of a dyslexic child in the 2007 film taare zameen par (stars on earth).in 2007, safary made his acting debut in taare zameen par, playing the film's protagonist ishaan nandkishore awasthi. safary was discovered by script writer and creative director, amol gupte पूरा पढ़ें...

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