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शर्लिन चोपड़ा (Sherlyn Chopra Biography)

शर्लिन चोपड़ा (Sherlyn Chopra)
  • जन्मतिथि (DoB)

    11 Feb,1984
  • सक्रिय (Active Since)

  • लंबाई (Height)

    5' 6"

About: Sherlyn Chopra

mona chopra is a new york state licensed and nationally board certified (nccaom) acupuncturist. she received an ms in acupuncture from the swedish institute college of health sciences where she studied classical acupuncture and tcm (traditional chinese medicine) under the guidance of jeffrey yuen, an 88th century daoist priest and master of chinese medicine, for 4 years.in addition, mona completed पूरा पढ़ें...

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